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How To Prepare The Skin Before Waxing.
At the time of waxing all care is necessary to avoid redness, blemishes, irritated skin and ingrown hairs. Some habits are essential to prevent these problems, but should happen days before the waxing day. "Exfoliators, lotions and even bath temperature are factors that can make a difference in preparing the skin for the hair removal, without making it too sensitive".

Less Sun Exposure
Avoid sunbathing the same day you have to wax. Tanned skin is more prone to post waxing blemishes and tends to become more dry. The dryness can leave the skin more sensitive, increasing the chances of pain at the time of waxing and redness.
beach, sun, hat

Exfoliation at the right time. Exfoliate the skin is a good habit to eliminate the impurities and ingrown hair, but the ideal is to do this practice in the days after the waxing, and not before. "Exfoliation of the skin should be done carefully, since if it is very aggressive, it can make the skin more sensitive and vulnerable to infections and blemishes", use exfoliating products at least one week prior to waxing and reusing them only days after waxing.


Menstrual Period
During menstruation, a woman tends to become more sensitive to pain because of PMS hormones. For this reason, I recommend avoid waxing during these days.

woman menstrual

The warm water bath helps to open the pores and cleanse the skin. In this way, the hair removal process is more gentle and effective. It's also good to wash the area again after waxing with antiseptic soap, for best results.
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Comfortable Clothing
Larger clothing and natural fabrics, such as cotton, let the skin breathe and stay cool, very tight clothes may cause friction and sensitivity to newly waxed skin, which can increase the pain during wax and the chances of new hair being born.

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Prepare The Skin
Use special Pre-waxing lotions, which help to eliminate bacteria and clean the skin. Cleaning the skin increases wax's adhesion, and prevents cream or sweat residue from disturbing the waxing. Prefer products that are free of alcohol in the formula to reduce irritation.
skin cleanse

So these are some of my recommendations for before and after waxing, if this is your first time waxing, read carefully and follow all the tips for better results and more comfort. I am happy to offer expert advice when you make your appointment.