I am from Brazil, moved to USA in 2012, my husband is north american.

My first experience with waxing was in 2013, I used to work for a well know brazilian waxing business in Athens.

 On my first week I was challenge by a co-worker, she used to make jokes about my english and told me that waxing wasn't my thing and I couldn't make in this business. What she didn't know was that in that day she just gave me a reason for don't give up, challenges is what motivates me, I believe that if you set your mind, put a hard work, discipline and love, you can active anything you want.

I am a believer,  I know that with faith in Jesus Christ,  anything is possible.

Monica's Body Wax born from some of my regular client's Idea, they used to encourage me to open my own space, what I did in 2016. Since than I been learning and growing successfully with support of my loyal clients.


The Owner: Monica Porterfield