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How to prepare the skin before waxing

At time of waxing all care is necessary to avoid redness, blemishes, irritated skin and ingrown hairs. Some habits are essential to prevent these problems, but should happen days before your appointment.

Less sun exposure

Avoid sunbathing the same day you have to wax. Tanned skin is more prone to post waxing blemishes and tends to become more dry. The dryness can leave the skin more sensitive increasing the chances of pain at the time of waxing and redness.


Exfoliation at the right time is a good habit to eliminate the impurities and ingrown hair, but the ideal is to do this practice every other day. Exfoliation of the skin should be done carefully, since if it is very aggressive, it can make the skin more sensitive and vulnerable to infections and blemishes. Use exfoliating products at least one week prior to waxing and reusing the only days after waxing.

Menstrual period

During menstruation, a woman tends to become more sensitive to pain because of PMS hormones, for this reason I recommend avoid waxing during these days.

Comfortable clothing

Make sure you have comfortable clothing, losing clothing will be the best because avoid friction on the skin after waxing.

If is your first time waxing, make sure you hair is long enough (1/4 inches).

Take a hot shower before your appointment, the hot water helps open your pores what make easier the process.

Take a cold shower after waxing, cold water help close your pores making the redness and irritation better, use aloe vera.